Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Travel board goes great in Indo

Travel Gun

Happy new year Nigel,
forgive me i dont think i emailed you to let you know how i got on with the 6'3 travel board you made for me last summer!? made Impossibles more then possible and i had some great waves on it there, Binging, Balangan and middles!!!
I have just recieved a spanking new 5'11 fish for my 30th birthday from my brothers!  It looks great and i cant wait to get out on it!  My old 6'1fish i got 9 years ago is wafer thin in places, i dont know how it hasn't snapped!  it has been the best board ever and has been pinched by mates on more then one occasion!  I'm looking forward to seeing what the updated model has up its sleeve!  I'll let you know!
Cheers mate, all the best for 2010

Travel Gun

One really stoked Aussie

Hi Nigel,
I am a 53 yr old australian and have been surfing the east coast of 
australia all my life.
Recently I was holidaying in Sri Lanka with my wife and 2 kids.
I did not take a surfboard as i had a mate who  lives there who told 
me he had plenty of boards. He was in Thailand when we arrived so i 
ended up hiring a board off the beach.
It was one of your boards a 7foot rounded nose squarish tail with a 
slight v through the rear [I copied all the details written on the 
blank including the number.
I have owned probably around 100 boards over the years in and I have 
to say this rated up there with the best of them even though I am now 
a podgy old bloke
Anyway, Australians don't hear of english shapers and this is just a 
short compliment to let you know I am now a fan of your boards and if 
I find one in australia I will definitely be giving it a try.
Brett Banwell,
Coffs Harbour  N.S.W.

Tom Good surfing in Cornwall 2009

Tom had a good your in 2009 these are some of the waves around our county he surfed most of them on his favorite.