Friday, 28 August 2009

Domburg or bust…

poster-classic-a2 200709-120dpi

Just about to head off to Domburg with a van full of 26 boards for the shop and 6 boards available to test on the beach in Holland. They are having their annual Classic contest on 4-6th September… so if you happen to be around come on down. I’ll be there to say hi and talk about the designs.

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Just a taster of things to come

Listen to this video and it will tell you what the man is about and his storey. If you wish to see him and talk with him or place a order please get in touch with us.

Or just come by the factory and i know Malcolm would be only to pleased to meet with you.

Monday, 17 August 2009

Custom graphics

Check the art work on this one. All the pebbles and the writing where done at our friend from the Print Enviorment. So as you can see anything is possible.  B-52 NS Boards

The B-52

The great Grishka Roberts

Grishka is just setting up his new surf school called Pro surf tuitionGrishka NS Boards and just picked up some new OM and NS boards for his lucky students to try out on. One is a 6’6’’ B-52 and the other is a 6’0’’ Crunchy

Which i am sure you will see Grishka riding them at some time. Check his new web site out at  We wish him all the best.

B-52  and the  Crunchy Fish

Monday, 10 August 2009

Alex Piper On his new F-16 With his comments on the board

 Alex Piper F-16 NS Boards

Yo Nige,
It's alex just a quick email about the board, ive been riding it loads lately and its definatley the best board ive ever had its been going so well. I might get a small wave board in a month or so a bit like this one anyway hope things are good. I attached a pic of the board after i sprayed it and a shot of me on it.
cheers alex piper

Friday, 7 August 2009

Malcolm Cambell comes to shape at the the foam asylum he is here on the 10 09 2009 get your orders in now for these great boards from the man himself.


The Past, Present and Future...
... come together in every Campbell Brothers three and five fin Bonzer, creating a dimension of timeless performanceand enjoyment. The past is expressed through 38 years of shaping experience, and focused contemplation of surfboard design. The present is represented by absolute state of the art shaping, top quality glassing, as well as our interaction with many of the world's top surfers. The future manifests in the Bonzer as well. With it's creation in 1970, and it's acceptance by Bing Surfboards in 1973, the Bonzer initiated a paradigm shift that continues to this day. And through the incarnation of the BONZER 5, we are keeping the pressure on. Simply put, the Bonzer is the most futuristic surfboard design on the planet.
Our vintage Bonzers are not retro in performance, and are definitely not made to hang on the wall. We have taken what was good about the old templates and profiles, and discreetly unified them with modern refinements. This produces a variety of shapes that brings the past and present together into a totally ripable combination. We have a variety of longboards ranging from a basic cruiser, to the Elevated Wing 5-Fin Bonzer (aka EB5). This Campbell Brothers/Max McDonald collaboration has produced, hands down, the best hot dog longboard on the market. Our contemporary Bonzer shortboards have capabilities that, given the chance, will take surfing into a entirely new dimension of performance. WELCOME TO THE FIFTH DIMENSION.