Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Merry Christmas

From all of us in the foam asylum we would like to thank all of our customers and all the many people that have supported use through the year Big thanks.

Lets look foreward to the new year some good waves and great times, If we all stick together we can be strong.

Merry Christmas and a good new year.SurfingSanta


Monday, 22 December 2008

Nick and Will have a great day.

The two boys got there new boards and went straight to the beach and got in some waves they look really stocked nice one have a good Christmas lads cheers.




Friday, 19 December 2008

Blood'n guts resin tint

I watched The Master Glasser (Jason) do the blood'n guts tint on my 7'0 B3 gun today. Pretty amazing how little time there is to get a good glass job... so to get the tints beautiful takes a lot of experience. I managed to get my new trainers covered in resin and got high 20 minutes later on the fumes...

Jason & Chris damn Tim and his tapered rails Jason works the blood'n guts

Bloody tints Ocean Magic Surfboards - resin tints

This board is the first with the new-old Ocean Magic logo on it - I'll get a better picture of it next week. The last photo really appeals to me as you can see the colourway that I did for Jase to work to in the back ground.

It's going to have a cool black to red bursts spray on the deck, with some dusted peace bubbles over the hotcoat, pinlines, and some custom black doodles by yours truly on the two modified boozer side fins in a smokey layup.

Its the only thing I'm looking forward to coming back from New Year in Baja for (and the dogs of course).

Merry Christmas all.

Thursday, 18 December 2008

They do have good waves in Holland

Kasper our team rider getting some great air time on his new NS pod board in some great looking waves in Holland just looks a little chilly boys. Hope you had a great time and enjoy the boards cheers. Nigel

  Waves in Holland Kasper NS team rider Holland  Kasper sportshop Domburg rider Holland

Nick and Wills New boards for Christmas

To young lads who will have big smiles this Christmas both custom made boards for them with their art work and personalised logos on them. Hope you're stoked lads... have a great Christmas.


Will's NS Surfboard - the deck Will's NS Surfboard with custom superman logo Will's NS Surfboard with Rainbow single fin and FCS sidebites. Nick's NS Surfboard with custom spray Nick's NS Surfboard with custom logo Nick's NS Surfboard with Rainbow single fin and FCS sidebites.

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Tom Good early Christmas present

15 year old newquay surfer Tom Good got an early Xmas present today as he got British junior team selection, for 2009 ISA world junior championships to be held in Ecuador next March.

Tom officially finished the 2008 contest season at 2nd place on the BSA u/16 rankings,

& 4thplace on the UK pro tour u/16 rankings.

With the start of 2009 he will move into number 1 position on both BSA & UK pro tour as the older surfers will move up a division.Tom Good Surfing NS Boards in Spain

Tom has two training camps lined up starting with Algarve this Thursday & a February half term camp with the BSA junior team, & is Focussed on improving on the ASP pro junior European tour 2009.

Photo's attached at recent training camp in northern Spain, taken by Polly Martin.

Merry Xmas & a great new year!

Tom Good NS Boards teamrider...Thanks for all sponsors continued support.

Friday, 12 December 2008

Old school - new school

NigelSemmonsImage68 (Large)I know there will be those that disagree - but not a  lot of difference is there! Surfboards may have come along way and the boundaries have certainly been stretched but some things, like a nice full rail carving cutback, well they have always been cool....  

Top: Nigel Semmens on a 6 + twin fin, Thurso around 1979


GN6K1515Bottom:  Sam Boex on a modern high performance F16 thruster in 2005.


Both Photos by Alex Williams

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Surf Expo 198?

Ocean Magic Surf Expo If you know what this year was then please tell us. It was Alexandra Palace back in the 1980s - a few twin fins with the rear stabiliser on the wall and (yes, confession time) even a wind surfer or two! This scan came from Alex Williams - thanks Alex.

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Jack having a great day at Anka point


Two nice shots of Jack at the Euros in Morocco on his new 5'10'' F16 look like the boys are doing well. Lewis is in the Semi,s as well So best wishes to him hope the boys bring home some silverware.





Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Nigel - warm inside!


nigel-semmens-AS04-1979It was 1979... the second oil crisis had just begun, the Christian World was rocked with the launch of the Life of Brian, the IRA  murdered Mountbatten, the Russians invaded Afghanistan... and Nigel was forced to surf the summer in a little Gul shorty...

Tim's new Gun

DSC01657Tim's new travel board looking forward to some warm medium to big waves this winter while on his travels NOT to much reef inspecting though please Tim; 7'0''x20 1/2''x2 3/4'' 3 fin Bonzer

Monday, 1 December 2008

Ocean Magic Advert circa 1979

ocean-magic-advert-AtlanticSurfer#4-1979 Nigel - where was this photo taken? Looks like Leven to me and from that solid bottom turn must have been pre-twin fin days :)

I979 - Thurso

nigel-semmens-thurso-1979I stumbled across a box of old surf magazines in the garage this weekend. This picture is from Atlantic Surfer #4, photo by Andy Bennetts.

I asked Nigel about Thurso today as he shaped my new 7'0 semi-gun. Thurso is also one of my favourite breaks and location of my first deep reef barrel, and this is what he had to say...  "I became a bit obsessed with Thurso for a while - making 8 or 9 trips up there just to score some of those epic barrels. It was never really that cold but then I did normally go in Autumn".

What a girl - I used to go in March!!

Sam Harwood - under 14s Team Rider solid 2008 season

quality pic Sam Harwood, NS Boards team  rider finished strongly, receiving a fourth place in the under 14s division at the Cornish schools last weekend riding his new 5'5 F16. Sam's season began with a strong start with a 1st place win at the Welsh Ripcurl Gromsearch followed by a 4th place final at the English Nationals. Throughout the season Sam has some good results and we are looking forward to seeing him do even better next year.


  • Ripcurl Gromsearch-1st
  • English Nationals-4th
  • Volcom Sidfish-3rd
  • Jesus surf classic-4th
  • Cornish schools-4th